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Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux I have to admit I was worried about Ty & Zane when I heard the writers split-up but Ms. Roux proved she was up to the challenge. Armed & Dangerous is every bit as good as the earlier books; job very well done! Once again an action packed race to stay alive and complete their assignment while they're trying to cope with their personal relationship.

The only change I noticed was that Zane was calmer but the reasons for that are very well covered in the story. My only worry is that the book finished like the end of a series; I sincerely hope that's not happening. I want more Ty & Zane!!!

I was happy to see Julian and Cameron from Warrior's Cross again. I really like these two.

FYI: you really should/need to read Warrior's Cross before reading Armed & DangerousWarrior's Cross